Taking Part

Working to the brief of “smarter, kinder, safer” young people, individually or in small teams, have to design and construct architectural models of buildings to sit on the footprint of an A4 card – but buildings can go out as well as up. Together they develop ideas for the connected city and consider how to use technology and the internet of things to improve how we will live, work and play in the future. Materials used to build project models should be recycled or cost no more than £10 if bought specially.

We hold regional and national showcase events allowing young people across the UK to showcase their buildings and ideas.

During COVID-19, we are running our TeenTech City of Tomorrow Live programme, with virtual sessions. Please visit https://www.teentech.com/live/ to learn more.


The competition has the following categories:

  • Best business space
  • Best domestic building (low, medium, or high density)
  • Best retail space
  • Best education space
  • Best recreational space
  • Best health and wellbeing categories
  • Best outside space
  • Best mixed use
  • Best construction
  • Most environmentally friendly building
  • Most fun building
  • Most innovative building
  • Most accessible building