This week, Ali and Maggie from TeenTech were joined by Elspeth from Atkins and Arevinth from Rolls-Royce to give our young designers, engineers and technologists some feedback on the wonderful buildings they had created!

Our first building came from Joshua and Jacob (aged 13 and 12 from Buckinghamshire). Their MagLev Transportation Hospital is a hospital with a MagLev train for rapid ambulance transfer of patients.

They prototyped their building in Minecraft before they constructed the model, which was really impressive!

The main hospital building has been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. It has solar panels on the roof for electricity generation, a glass covered hole running from roof to floor to act as a sun-tube to allow natural daylight to all floors and it promotes movement of air around the inside of the building. It has germ-repelling surfaces inside to help stop the spread of infection. It has an outdoor suspended swimming pool to encourage wellbeing.

Joshua and Jacob

Elspeth really liked the combination of technology, combined with how sustainable the building is. She said that if she was a patient, she would want to stay longer to use the swimming pool. Arevinth really loved how the hospital was focussed on the recovery of the patients along with the wellbeing of the hospital staff too, which is a very current way of thinking.

Oliver (aged 11 from Colchester) created the Teleportation Box as a way of tackling congestion and pollution.

It uses the sun as its natural power source. There are solar panels on the roof. It uses Artificial intelligence you can ask it where you want it to go.
It uses GPS satellite to collect data.


Our judges all loved the idea of being able to save time and help the environment by teleporting around our planet and to and from work. Elspeth loved the wide doors, thinking about accessibility, and how it would solve so many global and local problems. Arevinth loved how this building stretches the bounds of our imaginations and loved the idea of being able to teleport around our planet, especially as we’re rethinking public transport in light of COVID-19. Maggie encouraged Oliver to keep thinking big! Maybe teleportation might not be possible today, but there are certainly elements of this project that could be applied to our transport hubs today, and who knows – perhaps a few years from now, we’ll be using Oliver’s building to travel everywhere!

Our next building came from Henry (aged 8 from Colchester). The Robo Water is a building that turns dirty water into clean water using a filtration system.

Henry thought his Robo Water could be used in remote areas to help less developed countries have access to clean and fresh water, and could be used in developed cities too. He imagined that individuals, or villages, could summon a Robo Water as and when you needed him (or her!).

Elspeth loved that Robo Water could provide clean water at point of use and how it could travel between families, moving from place to place as needed. She also thought that it is a beautiful, stylish iconic building. Arevinth really encouraged Henry to keep developing this idea and pointed out that water is something that we take for granted in this country, but millions of people are without that privilege.

Our next building, from Ethan (aged 11 from Newport) reimagined how we might buy cars in the future with The Asante AR Car Dealership.

As the cars are on the second floor only, the first floor can be hired at certain times for events. All the cars in the dealership have a program written for the VR racetrack, where if you go off track in the simulation, the car’s suspension simulates what would happen in real life. It also has electronic bridges that connect to other buildings but go down if not in use to blend in with the building and a gutter which uses collected rainwater which is filtered and used to clean the cars and windows in the showroom.


Elspeth loved the imagination behind this building. She explained that she would love to test cars and practice in a new car, as she isn’t a very confident driver, especially in a new vehicle. Arevinth appreciated the technology that powered this building, and emphasised how many of the innovations that are used in businesses today started life in the world of gaming. Maggie also really liked the idea of being able to use VR to experience what owning a particular car would feel like.

Our final building was designed by Oliver (aged 10 from Whitstable). This is the Health Hotel, combining ideas from hotels and hospitals!

It’s an environmentally friendly building with solar panels to generate its own energy. There are leg struts that absorb and use any seismic energy. It has a balcony all the way around to give the hotel guests a 360-degree view. There is a hospital on the top with a helicopter pad. The hospital has black walls that absorb heat from the sun which is then used in the building. Local health is checked in a relaxing atmosphere. Inside the hotel lobby is a virus detection unit that all guests must get screened in. Hotel guests can get health issues sorted at the hospital. Relatives can stay with them at the hotel.


All of our industry experts loved the idea that relatives could be with the patients in a comfortable environment, and our experts also thought that many of Oliver’s ideas and innovations could be used in the hotels we have today, when they begin opening up again after COVID-19. Elspeth loved the ideas around virus protection, and Arevinth really appreciated that family members could stay alongside the patients, giving them a sense of mental wellbeing. He also thought that the helicopter pad was a great idea to get liquids and medicines into the building. Maggie loved the fusion of ideas and design, and will be sharing some of Oliver’s ideas with the hospitals that TeenTech work with.

Our experts took some time to answer all the questions that the pupils asked too and they were so impressed by the imagination of our pupils taking part and the questions they sent across!

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