Our third week of our TeenTech City of Tomorrow at Home programme was full of innovative buildings and creative and thoughtful ideas for how we might live, work and play in the future!

Maggie Philbin and Ali Maggs from TeenTech were joined by our guest experts Kate Bevan (technology writer and broadcaster), Jack Hurlock (Sprinklr) and Richard Standing (Rolls-Royce) who provided feedback for the pupils that took part and answered the questions the students had sent across.

Here are some of our favourite buildings from the week!

First up, Chloe (aged 8) from Alcester created The City Volcano, a new leisure centre for Alcester!

The building has a mountain bike trail on the outside. Solar panels make energy for the whole building. Most of the outside is environmentally friendly because it has lots of bushes and flowers which helps air pollution. The swimming pool is small but there will be a current so it is endless. Everyone in the pool wears augmented reality goggles so you can get better at swimming by swimming with sharks, turtles or dolphins. Even babies or toddlers can do this.


Kate loved how Augmented Reality turned swimming into a really immersive experience. Maggie pointed out that this was a real statement building, on par with the iconic buildings that we had talked about during the Live Build Day introduction. Richard was blown away by the use of Augmented Reality saying he did not expect it!

Next up, Isaac (aged 11) from Reading created his very own Man Shed.

It’s big enough for me to chill all day in and do my reading.


Jack loved this building and told us this was exactly the type of building he had made when he was younger. Kate loved the idea of us being able to make our own pod. Richard loved that Isaac had told us about the problems he had faced with the roof and commented that it showed real determination and problem-solving skills. He also highlighted that it is important to have a safe and comfortable space to feel you can go to for a sense of peace and quiet, especially in times when wellbeing is especially important.

Our next building came from Amy (aged 8) from East Barnet, The Pyramid House.

The house is a pyramid shape. Because it’s a pyramid and it’s made of glass it lets in maximum light and heat from the sun so you don’t need any electric lights or heating during the day.

It has an invisible dome covering the whole building to protect it from bad weather so even if there’s bad weather you can still go and play in the outdoor space. There’s water and plants surrounding the building. Also, the building won’t get damaged so you don’t have to fix it.

The bubbles in the dome keep the building warm but it has vents that let in fresh air and cleans it. The dome is made from a special strong but biodegradable plastic, which makes it better for the environment.


This was Kate’s favourite building. She found it to be beautifully designed and thought through. Maggie commented that this building gave her a sense of delight! Jack loved how it brought the outside world inside the building, and Richard was really impressed with Amy’s thoughts regarding her rockeen, which was her transportation idea which took the best parts of a rocket and a submarine!

Lara (aged 10) from Devon created the Homeless Solution, a building that is residential and includes housing for the homeless.

My building is special because it doesn’t just help homeless people it is also eco friendly with solar panels and a rainwater system!


Kate really enjoyed how thoughtful this building was, and that it was kind and inclusive. Maggie really encouraged Lara to develop the idea further as the current situation we’re all facing is really highlighting some of the issues we face in our cities such as homelessness. Richard loved the idea of making use of the rainwater.

Evie (aged 14) from Derbyshire created The Quarantine House.

This house is designed to make self-isolation more enjoyable. Jack shared his ideas around making a house that allows people to live together, whilst also providing breakout spaces where people can be alone and relax. Maggie pointed out that, right now, we’re really starting to recognise the issues with our own homes, and this project is a great way for young people to design houses that work for them.

Our next building came from Jacob (aged 10) from Berkshire.

Jacob’s idea was for an Ocean House.

The building itself is made of algae and old plastic from landfills melted together. The Scraper grows vegetables and fruit above water and grows algae below water.

You can also see the long turbines which have the function of creating water energy that gets converted into electricity to power the rooms. As well as providing a motor function if we need to escape ocean turbulence.

It has small and large claws to catch the plastic in the sea and collect it, so that it can be disposed of and recycled when back on land.


Kate felt Jacob had some really brilliant, creative and thoughtful ideas and loved the idea of living, sustainably, away from the land. Maggie loved that this building had the best of both worlds – over and underwater! Jack felt this building tackled a range of issues, whilst Ali loved the idea of being surrounded by water from a mental wellbeing aspect. Richard really liked that this building served the purpose of being a sea shepherd, cleaning the ocean as it floats along.

Our final building came from Danqi (aged 9) from London.

The The Environmentally Friendly Quarantine House was Danqi’s take on a residential building.

It is special because it has a playground inside the house. It also uses solar panels and wind turbines so it is environmentally friendly. There also is a robot that helps clean the house and serve the food.

The problems it solves is overcrowding in parks, and it stops people from going outside (especially when the coronavirus is happening) because they can just play in the room where there’s a playground. It also helps tackle climate change by using solar panels and the winds to generate electricity.


This building made all the judges smile! Kate thought it was very elegant too. Jack was really impressed by this building and loved the digital aspect with the robot! Richard agreed, who wouldn’t want a robot in their house?!

Thank you to everybody that took part! We were blown away by your work, and so impressed with the ideas you came up with!

If you would like to sign up for the project with your child, please visit http://athome.teentechcity.com to learn more and register!