We had some delightful, and thoughtful building ideas come through this week as part of our TeenTech City of Tomorrow at Home programme.

Maggie Philbin and Ali Maggs from TeenTech were joined by our guest experts Louise Underhill (architect) and Richard Standing (Rolls-Royce) who had some wonderful feedback for the pupils that took part.

Here are some of our favourite buildings from the week!

First up, Austin (11) and Megan (8) from Reading sent across photos of their Virtual Stadium.

It is special because the technology used enables more people to go and watch events like football and music concerts without having to go on long journeys. Schools and other venues will host Virtual Reality rooms for local people to “go to” events with their friends. As stadiums will have fewer visitors, some seats have been turned into flats.

Austin and Megan

Maggie thought this was an amazing idea, especially in the current climate where people may not wish to go to large sporting events. Both Richard and Louise agreed and thought it was really inventive. Louise, in particular, loved that this would mean that stadiums could take up a smaller space, so it would leave more space for housing.

Next up, we had an eco-friendly family home from Lenny (9) from Chiswick.

I have created my own energy supply and the water system allows my house to run naturally. The water system runs through the four pillars of the building recycling the water. The solar panels on the roofs give the energy for the house.


Richard thought this was a very intelligent use of materials. Maggie and Ali loved the attention to detail with all the furniture inside the house.

We then looked at an idea from Zoe (8) and Millie (8) from London.

Their Desalination Plant would be built in the Sahara, providing fresh water to those that need it, and would allow plants to grow and wildlife to thrive.

Louise loved how the model told the whole story of the project, with clouds and rain represented, along with the animals benefiting from the idea.

Maggie thought this was a very brave project, taking on such an important issue, and Ali loved how Zoe and Millie took on board the idea of building and living in previously uninhabitable areas from Tuesday’s presentation.

Beatrice (9) from Cullompton constructed the Pod House. Everybody loved the amazingly detailed drawing from Beatrice.

It’s been inspired by a tree, with each individual accommodation space having the shape of a pod (like some fruit trees). It uses renewable energies to power the accommodation, and it is equipped on the roof with a solar panel and also 3 large leaf shape “sails” that can collect rainwater (with a cleaning system to convert it into drinking water). It can also use the wind to make the pod rotate around its trunk, generating additional electricity. Two small windmills are also linked to the garden space, which is suspended underneath the pod. There is a fireman like pole, which runs all the way down the middle of the pod into the garden, as well as a spiral staircase.

The difference living areas are designed as multipurpose, so it can be used in a pleasant manner even if people are stuck at home for a long-time. For example, the bedrooms, using adjustable screens, can turn into office/classroom spaces that are separate from the bedrooms.


Richard loved how Beatrice took inspiration from nature. Maggie agreed how wonderful it was that Beatrice took the idea of biomimicry from Tuesday to develop her project.

Finally, Georgia (11) and Will (7) from Nuneaton worked on their Helpful Happy Hub.

The Helpful Happy Hub

The Helpful Happy Hub is a building for the homeless, where they can live and learn new skills to help them get a job and their own house.

It helps people that need help. It has a rooftop garden to grow food. The building soaks up the water to run the carwash. It has beds to sleep in, bathrooms to wash, a kitchen, living space and a classroom to learn.

Georgia and Will

The experts all agreed that this was a lovely idea.

Richard and Maggie commented how important it is to learn new skills in order for people to progress and feel happy. Louise loved the design and thought it was very smart to have the large rooftop garden, and having the bedrooms up high too. All the experts loved the attention to detail in this building.

Thank you to everybody that took part!

If you would like to sign up for the project with your child, please visit http://athome.teentechcity.com to learn more and register!