Last week, we launched our TeenTech City at Home programme which invites pupils aged 8-13 to design and then construct a model building to represent their ideas for how we might live, work and play in the future.

The pupils were set the challenge on the Monday and they submitted their buildings, online, prior to a live feedback session on the Friday. During the feedback session, our experts – Richard Standing from Rolls-Royce and Rose McVeigh (Sprinklr) offered their feedback.

We wanted to share with you some of the amazing and creative buildings from our first week!

Ellen created the Colourful Technology Home

Ellen, aged 7 from London, built the Colourful Technology Home, a house where extended family and friends can all live together, tackling the problem of homelessness. It is also eco-friendly, with solar panels, and features a number of robots to provide security, cooking, and medical attention.

Allegra and Nicole, both aged 9 from Kent, worked together (virtually!) on two buildings that make up The Village Over People.

It keeps people safe, happy and healthy whilst protecting the environment. It is in the sky so it uses up less green space. Everything is in one place so reduces transport solution. It uses technology to keep people connected and happy. It is possible to exercise without going outside.

Allegra and Nicole

Thomas, aged 11 from London, created the Camp Nou Sports Stadium.

He thought about how technology could be used, with each seat having a tablet to order food, control their seats, and watch replays. He considered how this could be used beyond sports too!

There was also a giant screen, retractable roof, smart toilets and solar panels.

Hamish, aged 10 from Acton, created The Upside Down House which is a residential property with business space.

It is a hexagonal house with a roof garden and is special because it has solar panels for energy

The hexagonal shape is strong to withstand the weight of the roof garden.

Wilfred, aged 7 from Acton, created the Safari Orphanage, which was another hit with our judges.

This building protects orphaned Elephants and Rhinos from being poached whilst they are being looked after.


Ianthe created the Fishbowl House.

I made my building kinder to people by including slides and glass walls letting in natural light. My building is kinder to the environment by using solar panels and wave turbines and it’s made of recyclable materials. I have made my building safer using unbreakable glass and it can move with the motion of the ocean.


Millie, aged 8 from Chiswick, created the Eco Happy Homeless Shelter.

This eco-friendly is an underground shelter for the homeless. It allows in natural light, and provides the homeless with a safe place to eat and sleep. The model even featured some Lego characters to show the scale of the property, which our experts loved!

Thank you to everybody that took part!

If you would like to sign up for the project with your child, please visit to learn more and register!