A City of Tomorrow city design from 2015
TeenTech City of Tomorrow offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of science, technology and engineering to create their City of Tomorrow where no ideas are too big and everything is smarter, kinder and safer than before. The activity highlights career pathways in construction, engineering and technology and promotes good citizenship.

Schools, libraries, local councils, LEPs can register to participate here. If you are a parent or carer and would like to work with your child on this project, individual entries can also be made.

Entrants from the TeenTech City Newbury event

Taking Part

Working to the brief of “smarter, kinder, safer” young people, individually or in small teams, have to design and construct architectural models of buildings to sit on the footprint of an A4 card – but buildings can go out as well as up. Together they develop ideas for the connected city and consider how to use technology and the internet of things to improve how we will live, work and play in the future. Materials used to build project models should be recycled or cost no more than £10 if bought specially.

There will be a National Showcase for TeenTech City of Tomorrow on June 30th, 2020 at The University of Roehampton London, for young people across the UK to showcase their buildings and ideas.

A City of Tomorrow entry

Get started

TeenTech City of Tomorrow is a versatile model, which can be implemented using our support materials, and programme management plan. You can:

  1. Run the activity in your primary or secondary school
  2. Become a ‘hub school’ and run the activity with all your feeder primaries
  3. Run the activity in an informal learning setting with a group of young people

To get started schools and informal learning providers can register their students and TeenTech will be in touch with the guidance documents you need to run the activity over a day, week or term.

Full guidance and curriculum-linked materials are available to schools and registered learning providers at no cost.

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About Us

Girls at a TeenTech event
TeenTech is a CIC established to change perceptions of careers in careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Construction. Over the last 5 years we have been privileged to work with thousands of young people and industry professionals to create amazing interactions that have sparked imaginations and begun amazing journeys. We are delighted to invite all schools and youth groups throughout the UK to join our new challenge ‘TeenTech City of Tomorrow’. This challenges young people to address the issues facing the modern world in how we work, live and play. Through connecting industry and education we aim to support our leaders of tomorrow as they become responsible global citizens of today.

Why I Support TeenTech City of Tomorrow

In my lifetime the population of our planet has doubled. The way we live is changing faster than at any time in human history. More people around the world are moving into urban areas, and consequently cities are growing and changing fast. This new human planet requires a radical shift in the way we’re going to live together: How can we redesign cities? How can we use energy more efficiently? How can we plan infrastructure better? How can we move faster? How can we live healthier and happier lives? These challenges will require solutions from the next generation of scientists, thinkers and leaders. We need creative solutions wildly different from our old ways of thinking, which will rely on imagination and a bold new approach to science and engineering. With these new challenges will come exciting opportunities. We need brilliant young minds to think about tomorrow’s cities and redesign our world for the better.
Dallas Campbell

TeenTech Patron