We’re really excited about the national launch of the TeenTech City of Tomorrow initiative. We’ve worked with schools across the UK and Ireland since 2008 and over that time have had many requests for a programme for younger students.

City of Tomorrow not only offers students, teachers and parents an opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering in a creative way but also provides opportunities for students to see how these subjects are applied in the real world and understand more about the many new careers which are opening up in the worlds of construction, technology and engineering.

The city of the future can take advantage of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things to improve life for everyone. We want young people to use their imagination and build ideas which they believe will make their environment ‘smarter, kinder and safer’.

Our research shows how much students value the opportunity to work alongside ‘real life’ professionals on their own ideas. We can provide links to industry mentors who can work with your students as they develop their ideas. We also provide supporting workshops for companies to help them understand how to work with teachers and students in the classroom so that the experience is lively and engaging.

Teachers familiar with TeenTech will know that we’ve tested the City of Tomorrow format as a pre-event challenge for students attending our London, South Yorkshire and Manchester events. We worked with leading construction and architecture practices, who both acted as judges and provided inspiring opportunities for students to visit their organisations. Students were captivated, gaining real insight into how they could shape their own environment. One team in South Yorkshire set themselves up as a civic design company.

The project can be run as a self-contained activity by individual schools but we realised it had strong potential as a transition activity. A successful pilot was run with Park House School in Newbury and their 9 feeder primaries and you can read the full report on that day here.

Register here and we will send full supporting materials. We have developed them in conjunction with the University of Roehampton and have mapped the activity to the curriculum. We can provide a programme management plan for teachers or councils who would like to act as a ‘hub’ for the activity.

We are indebted to the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 who have provided funding for this website so that the opportunity can reach all young people, giving them an opportunity to showcase and receive feedback on their work, whether or not the project is being run in their school.

The first dedicated regional showcase event will be in Bristol, sponsored by NatWest who are providing mentors for every participating school. Students can also display their work at every regional TeenTech event from March 2016.

We look forward to seeing the Cities of Tomorrow being built in your schools, libraries, community centres and in your homes. It’s lots of fun but it also opens a window on career opportunities which will take you by surprise.